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Carmen Steffens Collaboration Terms

We are so excited to build this with you!

Here are some guidelines we need to follow to make the most advantage of this activation:

1. Please fill out the information above. We will need this data to pay your commission!!! Yes! You will receive a 20% commission  to every piece sold under your code.

2. You will receive a Carmen Steffens look book to post on your social media. You can also post pictures of yourself wearing the current collection.

3. You have one ticket per collection launch of 30%. Its one unique use and you can take advantage to buy clothes for yourself as a tool for your work and promotion if you wish.

4. Your social media account must be under your name always. Never use Carmen Steffens for your account name. You can use Carmen Steffens Brand Ambassador on your descriptions.

5. Always # your posts with #CSLOVER, #CSBRANDAMBASSADOR, #carmensteffensUSA

6. As soon as your account is approved we will send you your activation code! This is the code you will share with your clients to register for your commission!

7. The commission will be paid by the 5th of each month to sales passed the 30-day exchange window.

8. You can offer 10% discount when the Brand has no discount in place.

9. All sales are going to be communicated to you in advance so you can also communicate your clients.

10. Discounts don’t overlap.